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Nordica Extraflame

We are pleased to announce that we are the UK distributor for LANORDICA Products, and can now offer an exciting and unique range of biomass products, including Biomass boilers, wood pellet room heaters, thermo-products, wood burning cookers and wood burners together with many accessories.

Please check out the EXTRAFLAME website where you will see the wide range available. www.lanordica-extraflame.com

Burning Biomass, such as wood pellets or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing.  Therefore, biomass is classed as carbon-neutral/renewable energy.

Biomass boilers present a renewable, clean and efficient energy source for your home or business, and can be integrated into existing heating system.

We can supply pellet only or pellet and log boilers, to suit your requirements.

The Benefits of Biomass

Useful links  www.gov.uk       www.biomassenergycentre.org.uk       www.energysavingtrust.org.uk